Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Law Firm

Fuel Web Marketing | Marketing | August 26, 2020
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In the digital age, having an online presence is more important than ever. Second to that is having content - quality content, regularly uploaded. Every new page or blog article gets the attention of search engines and can improve a law firm’s SEO ranking, eventually leading to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). It may seem easy at first, but creating content, promoting it, and tracking how well it connects with your audience and potential clients eventually builds up. Soon, you need a team working with you on keeping your law firm on the front page and keep your presence on social media and the internet alive and well. That’s when you hire a law firm web marketing agency like Fuel Web Marketing.

Why Fuel Web Marketing?

A digital marketing agency that specializes in working with lawyers across the nation, Fuel Web Marketing has a strong team with experience in all facets of internet marketing that is dedicated to your success. While you handle your cases and meet your clients face-to-face, we’re writing high-quality content that is not only informative but relevant to the people today. Every month, fresh content is published on your law firm website and promoted across your social media platforms.

Don’t have a website or social media profile? We can help with that, too. With the best content marketing practices in our pocket, we can help your law firm attract ideal customers and generate more leads. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you today.

Building a Strong Foundation

From the very beginning, our law firm content marketing team will work with you to assess your goals so that we may curate the appropriate content and create a strategy in-tune with the successful development of your business. Whether your law firm has one practice or multiple, Fuel Web Marketing can help shape an network around your firm online to help connect with the right clientele. Having a content marketing strategy aligned with your goals can only lead to a growing client base.

Quality Vs Quantity

Yes, constant content is important. Every time a webpage is published, search engines crawl and ping it and then add it to its vast number of results. Content should also be as helpful as it is informative with a focus on the client and what they can do about their legal predicament. Then back up these claims with facts, the background of your law firm, and even recent cases that demonstrate your expertise. In addition, search engines are no longer just focusing on keyword density and technical jargon – legal terms, even in laymen’s terms and easy-to-understand language, can help to better connect with your clients.

Information Comes in Many Forms

On the note of connecting with your clients, this is the digital age, after all. It’s not all TV, Radio, and Print, though those avenues of advertisement and promotion still work. Creating content, especially multimedia content, is another way to promote your law firm. We’re not talking those phony commercials you see on late night TV, but media that can educate the client in a way that is easier to digest, such as an infographic or a short clip. This content is then easy to share on social media and can help to engage your audience.

Now You’re Talking My Language

Social media is where law firms find clients today. Whether you like it or not, most people have a smart phone and can be on your site and onto another in seconds. Being able to interact with your clients and providing them with a way to act keeps them focused on your law firm and on your website – but then what next? They need a face, a name, they need to know who they can contact, and that’s why getting involved with the content and social media is just as important as publishing and promoting it. Whether a one-man band or a team of lawyers, get everyone in the habit of spending time on various social media platforms and forming a network of people who can share your knowledge and content.

Hashtag #Success

Another thing about social media many businesses have to come to grips with – hashtags. Also known as the “pound” (#) sign on the phone, this symbol is referred to as a hashtag, which is then attached to a keyword. People sharing content on social media typically use these hashtags to help promote and connect with the right audience. However, not every keyword can become a hashtag, and just typing a term into Twitter and seeing what pops up may not be the best method. Using a search engine tool like Hashtagify.me can find the highest trending hashtags for the topic of your content and help get it in the right social media feed.

Time to Get to Work

With these simple digital marketing tips, getting a law firm the right attention is simple. You don’t have to be an SEO aficionado to know how improve your law firm SEO ranking and generate traffic to your website – but it always helps to have one on your team. That’s why Fuel Web Marketing is there to help.

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