Want To Amp Your Local Web Reach? Google Has Now Expanded Google My Business Editing Capabilities

Fuel Web Marketing | Google Updates | August 30, 2021
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If you are a business owner who relies on local customers and clients for business traffic, you may already be well aware of the benefits of Google My Business.

Google My Business (GMB) is a free and effective Google tool that targets customers in a business's geographic backyard. Some of GMB’s main benefits are that it allows a business to appear in Google Maps, gives customers and users the ability to leave rank-fueling reviews, and lets owners share valuable and helpful information about their business with their customers and clients.

Google My Business Becomes More Powerful and Business-Friendly For Local Reach

While many local businesses have already been effectively using GMB’s local tools to great advantage, Google has now expanded its editing capabilities, allowing business owners more tools to get local customers’ attention.

While editing has been available since 2017, business owners have had to edit information through the GMB site or GMB mobile app. But now, Google has made it possible to edit information directly from Search or Maps.

With the new update, according to Google’s recent announcement, business owners and local marketers will now be able to create new posts, reply to customer reviews, add photos, and update their business information directly through those interfaces. Owners need only be signed into the Google account associated with their business to do this.

More Easily Engaging With Customers

Google has also announced further GMB upgrades allowing for better and easier customer engagement, including

  • A new performance page that allows business owners to see customer interactions directly through Search or Maps
  • A more simplified GMB menu with three specific sections
  • A Q&A option directly on the main menu giving owners direct access to customers’ questions
  • Two new ways for easy access to the Business Profile on Search, either by searching by business name or searching “my business”
  • A new option on the Account Menu on the Maps app called “Your Business Profile” that allows an owner easier access to their information

Free Trial of Pointy

Google has been on a mission to allow local brick-and-mortar businesses better access to local customers. Consequently, for eligible businesses, Google is also offering a free trial of Pointy until September 30th.

Acquired by Google in 2020, Pointy is a platform that allows local merchants to display their products online without the need for ecommerce website infrastructure.

Pointy is an effective non-ecommerce solution allowing brick-and-mortar businesses to get their products in front of local buyers, driving traffic to their door. With Pointy, retailers can display their products and corresponding prices to the local buyers they rely on.

Local buyers who use “near me” searches are typically high-intent shoppers. Pointy gives these critical customers the ability to see a business’s current inventory and prices, giving them the important information they need to shop locally.

The free trial of Pointy offered by Google will help businesses decide if it may be a good future investment to drive local traffic.

Google’s Commitment to User Experience

One of Google’s core principles is “focus on the user and all else will follow.”

Local business, despite globalization, is cohesive to community and our sense of place in the world. With its new commitment to local business, Google and Google My Business helps local businesses thrive in an era when we are seeing more mom and pop enterprises being pushed out of the marketplace.

Are You Reaching the Right Customers?

As a local business, you may be wondering how to expand your reach during these ever-changing times.

At Fuel Web Marketing, we have website and marketing strategies for business owners who want global reach as well as those who rely on customers from around the corner. Contact us to see how we can help target the customers you need most.