Building a Marketing Plan in 2022

Fuel Web Marketing | Marketing | December 3, 2021
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It’s that time of year again. Looking back at 2021 and setting goals for the upcoming year is one critical way business owners can ensure that they consider their successes as well as their missteps and turn them into gold for the next year.

Did your goals for 2021 cover all your bases? How can you enact changes for 2022 to help build a new plan to ensure further success in the upcoming year? A good set of strategic marketing goals will review what went wrong, what went right, and how new goals can better target your clients and customers and lead to essential conversions. Why you need to outsource your digital marketing.

Here, we will set out ways to create a solid marketing plan for 2022 to build on your successes and help your business thrive into the new year.

Where You Stand Vs. Where You’re Going

Like anything else, being prepared is vital. And to do that, you need to analyze what you have in order to know what you still need.

A good marketing plan will understand through skilled analysis many things about your target market and how your digital marketing has performed for you. Who is your market, and what ways can you best reach them? Were you able to do that over the past year or do you need to make adjustments to fill in some holes?

The analysis of where you stand will give you important information and enable you to develop goals for the new year. This enables you to develop a new plan for 2022, add strategies to help meet your goals, and help set out how they will be implemented and who will do that. It can also help you set a budget for the upcoming year considering any new strategies.

Digital Marketing Changes at the Speed of Light

While looking back can be helpful, looking forward is critical. The digital marketing landscape changes constantly, so what may have worked at one point may no longer be valid and may even be obsolete. In today’s digital landscape, you can never rest on your laurels. You need to keep up with the constantly changing medium.

Naming Your Goals

Having ambiguous goals and naming them precisely are two different things. Building a solid marketing plan means naming and defining your goals and the strategies that can be taken to put them into action to get serious results.

SMART goal setting is one way to do that. This stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Goals using the SMART method are

  • Specific, clear, and well-defined
  • Measurable to understand the progress you’ve made toward accomplishment
  • Achievable and attainable
  • Realistic and relevant to you and your business
  • Timely with clear timelines and target dates

Knowing your goals and keeping on track is an essential part of developing a marketing plan that works for you and keeps you on task.

Who Is Your Audience?

Another place that businesses tend to have a vague understanding of is their audience. It is essential that you have in-depth knowledge of who you are trying to target. How do they think? Where do they get their information? As your company grows, you may even be trying to appeal to different audiences, each requiring a potentially different marketing approach.

Your target audience personas, while fictional, are built around real live data. How does your target audience behave? What is their economic profile? Where do they live? What motivates them? How old are they? The more you understand about your audience and target market, the more you can fine-tune your marketing approaches to ensure that you prioritize and market to the very people you rely on for your business.

What is Your USP?

Do you understand your USP, or your Unique Selling Proposition? This is how you differentiate yourself from your competition.

How can you define yourself to stand out from the crowd? What do you offer that others don’t? Is it a higher-end product? More expertise? More reasonable prices? Understanding how you fit against your competition is a critical marketing tool and enables you to let your clients and customers know what niche you fill and what you can offer that they can’t get elsewhere.

Keeping Consistent Track of Your Results

No matter how much time you have put into creating what you think is the best marketing plan, your results may say otherwise. Analysis of your results is invaluable information. This enables you to manage your data and make critical adjustments immediately instead of letting your marketing languish and possibly become ineffective.

Analytics give critical feedback about what is working and what isn’t in your marketing strategies. If you use it to your advantage, you have key information at your fingertips that allows you to make changes as needed. Your SEO professionals can also help you make use of this important information to keep you aware of any critical changes in the digital marketing industry that may have an effect on your business.

Let Us Help You Build Your 2022 Marketing Plan

As a business owner, you are great at what you do. But you may not be a master digital marketer. Unfortunately, in this day and age, if your digital presence isn’t up to speed, you may be drowning in a sea of competition through no fault of your own.

At Fuel Web Marketing, that is where we come in. Our team of master SEO professionals and digital marketers lets you do what you do best while we make sure your digital presence shines. Let us help you make 2022 the most successful year yet. Contact us online or call (888) 375-3835 to speak with one of our consultants to learn how we can help you stand out from your competition.