Google Core Update - June and July 2021

Fuel Web Marketing | Google Updates | July 5, 2021
Google Core Update - June and July 2021

Google did not have a core update since December 2020, but now, the search engine will have core updates for both June and July 2021. The June core update is already in progress, and it aims to provide searchers with the most authoritative and relevant results possible. This also means that sites with such content might benefit from this update even if they failed to rank before.

Google started a rollout of a “page experience” update that will be completed by August. The impact of the update is already noticeable in the Top Stories section. Specifically, the mobile version of Google search started including non-AMP (accelerated mobile pages) pages in its top stories search results. Any page approved by Google News will now be eligible to be featured in the Top Stories news carousel, despite its page experience or Core Web Vitals score.

Site owners should continue working on their Core Web Vitals metrics to be sure their pages score high enough to meet the new page experience standards set out by Google. These Core Web Vitals are expected to start playing a major role in rankings by August, so it is important to address this matter as soon as possible with an SEO professional at Fuel Web Marketing.

Anticipating the July 2021 Core Update

Just as site owners are trying to respond to the June 2021 Core Update, Google plans to roll out the next one only a month later. The July 2021 Core Update is expected to reshuffle SERP rankings in only a matter of days of the rollout.

It is essential that sites add more content that is both relevant and authoritative in order to survive this update. This one focuses solely on the relevance of the content and the authority behind it - not on linking or other aspects of content. Our team will be closely following the impact of the update and responding accordingly for our clients.

It is important to remember that with most Core Updates, Google often rolls back some changes and adjusts its metrics after one or two weeks. If your rankings begin fluctuating, you might want to see where they land after potential rollbacks before you decide which major changes need to be made to your site.

In the face of all Google updates and metric changes, it is wise to seek guidance and support from a professional who closely follows and responds to these actions.

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