What Can Google’s New Core Update Mean for Your Site?

Fuel Web Marketing | Google Updates | July 1, 2022
new google core update

Several times a year, Google tweaks its algorithms in the quest to “keep pace with the changing nature of the web.” Core updates, such as the most recent one made in May of this year, focus on improvements to Google Search and can make a serious impact on individual websites. The better site owners understand what Google focuses on, the better they can ensure that their site will reach the right users.

The Mystery of Google Updates

Core updates refine how Google interprets individual websites, and May’s update is the first since November of last year. But these updates are broad in scope and Google keeps the technicalities to itself. Consequently, it’s impossible to fully prepare for them. While core updates don’t target individual sites, they can have a significant impact on how individual websites are affected, especially if they aren’t keeping consistent with Google’s best practices.

What Are Core Updates?

Core updates are overall algorithm updates instead of targeted changes. These change how Google values an individual web page. Each time Google makes these sweeping updates, it can mean that if your site isn’t utilizing Google’s best practices, your website can suffer in its results, potentially affecting your bottom line.

Core updates are rolled out over time, so any changes that you may have detected in your rankings from May until mid-June may have been influenced by this new update. How can you respond to any negative impact it may have had on your rankings?

While Algorithms Change, the Response Focus Typically Remains the Same

Algorithms constantly change, but they usually focus on Google’s infrequently changing core values: its best practices. With every algorithm update, Google gets better at rewarding sites that follow the rules.

What does this mean for you as a site owner? If your rankings have increased, it means that you are already doing the right things. If not, it may be temporary, or you may need to take a hard look at your site and make some adjustments. Because Google only gets better at finding ways to reward best practices, websites that suffer now are sure to even suffer more in the future with each update.

How to Ensure that Your Site is Following Google’s Best Practices

Websites that follow Google best practices with the most deserving content will continue to rank better than those without. While site improvements aren’t always a guarantee of good ranking, it’s essential for site owners to offer the best website and content possible.

Google uses the acronym E-A-T standing for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. They are looking for experts in their field who demonstrate authority and who users can trust to give them solid and insightful information. Core updates tend to hurt the rankings of websites that take a general approach to their content without focused expertise.

Site owners should focus on providing websites with original information, comprehensive particulars, and focused knowledge about their topic, service, or product. Content that continually ups their E-A-T can remain ahead of algorithm tweaks, ensuring better rankings.

Volatility After an Update

Although some rankings temporarily suffer after an update and bounce back, what happens if your site is not bouncing back?

Site owners can see ranking volatility after a major Google update, and the same is true for the one that rolled out in May. This volatility can take days and even a couple of weeks to settle down. But if your site suffered in the last algorithm update and has not regained its ranking, you may need to take a hard look at it to ensure that your rankings are as good as they can be, and your users continue to find you.

No Matter Your Industry, Your E-A-T is Critical

No matter your industry, Google’s best practices apply. Whether you are selling plastic widgets or legal services, your website content must establish you as an authority in your field. When it comes right down to success on Google, it is usually about your E-A-T.

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