Your Website’s First Impression

Fuel Web Marketing | Marketing | July 15, 2022
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There is little more important in marketing than a good first impression. Your first impression, whether you are selling a product or a service, hooks that essential interest of a customer or client. But gone are the days when traditional advertising was able to do that.

While the legal field is getting far more competitive, print and television law firm advertising have become less effective. In today’s digital world, a law firm’s website is usually the first impression a potential client will get. This requires a well-developed website that is not only visually appealing but also optimized for web searches. A professionally developed lawyer website design can enhance that first impression while also implementing important optimization strategies.

How Important is Your Lawyer Website Design?

According to a recent Martindale-Avvo study entitled Hiring a Lawyer 2019, 36 percent of all legal consumers began their law firm research through an internet search as opposed to those who said that they used television or radio advertising as a resource. Of those who said they relied on personal recommendations for their attorney, 45 percent said they researched the recommended attorney by going to their website first before contacting them.

In today’s world, it’s essential for lawyers to have a well-designed and optimized website to keep ahead of the competition. Your website should establish your credibility, gain trust, and increase your revenue. While a visually appealing website is important, it’s only one part of getting your website to continually attract new clients.

Optimization for Search Engines

No matter how attractive your site is, it needs to show up in a web search. This requires skilled search engine optimization, or SEO.

SEO is a set of strategies that enable your site to be found in an online search. Today, optimization uses many strategies to enhance your website ranking and findability, including specific keyword usage, links to other authoritative websites, and knowledgeable content. Professional law firm marketing agencies understand the specific nuances of legal marketing. They will offer industry-specific website design coupled with skilled optimization and SEO content writing services tailored to the legal industry.

Your Site’s Responsiveness

Online users make split-second decisions, sometimes based on how quickly they can get to your main landing page. No matter how comprehensive your website, users have little patience for unresponsive sites and will quickly go on to the next listing.

Today, site speed is critical. And because so many searchers are using mobile devices, this means that your site must also be designed and optimized for mobile responsiveness. You have a short amount of time to gain a client’s attention. A sluggish website can be your first major disadvantage.

Website Navigability

A well-designed lawyer website needs to have intuitive navigation. Your page design and navigation toolbar should be simple while being comprehensive and informative.

All information on your site should be easily accessed through well-organized menus leading to specific subpages. Each page should be designed with targeted headlines and keywords, bulleted lists, and short and succinct paragraphs, so readers are finding the information they need without feeling overwhelmed by huge blocks of complicated text.

Well-Researched and Original Content

Knowledgeable and original content is one of the key drivers of search engine optimization, and it is fundamental to how your site will rank in an internet search.

Most users who come to your website will know very little about the law. Your website content needs to be well-researched and comprehensive, imparting complex information in an understandable way. The best law firm marketing agencies will offer professional legal SEO content writing services, so your site continues to add critical content to enhance its online authority and ranking.

Website Data and Ongoing Assessment

Search engines make constant changes, and websites must change with them to remain visible. Algorithms will update, and technical issues will arise.

Data is available to help site owners understand what is working well and what needs assistance or updating. A professional law firm marketing agency will know how to make use of this data to continue to enhance your site’s first impression, its rankings, and help it continually draw new clients.

Getting the Help of a Professional Law Firm Marketing Agency

There are many marketing agencies out there in today’s digital landscape. While some are adept at some types of brand marketing, law firm marketing demands a certain degree of legal understanding and a specific skill set. As a lawyer, not all agencies will be a good fit for your firm.

At Fuel Web Marketing, we have honed our lawyer website design and SEO skills over the years to offer our clients some of the most advanced and knowledgeable design and website content writing services in the industry. As an attorney, your valuable first impression is your website. Let us help yours make a difference. Call us at (888) 375-3835 or contact us online to learn how we can help keep you ahead of the competition.