How to Humanize AI Content

Fuel Web Marketing | Marketing | May 16, 2023
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According to data from Statista, the AI industry is expected to grow from $100 billion to $2 trillion within the next decade. Artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing big changes—and big opportunities. AI can now produce content, but poorly done AI content is unlikely to achieve the desired results for businesses. At Fuel Web Marketing, we provide law firm digital marketing solutions and business digital marketing solutions. Content can be a key part of an effective marketing internet marketing strategy—and in 2023, that can include AI content. In this article, we explain why humanizing AI content is so important and highlight some tips that you can use to humanize your AI content.

Why it is So Important to Humanize Artificial Intelligence (AI) Content

Humanizing content is essential. People will naturally seek connection, empathy, and understanding—especially when they are searching for services and products. If they come across content that feels cold, impersonal, or mistargeted, they are unlikely to respond well. It is a big risk with AI content. Here are some potential weaknesses of AI content:

  • Lack of creativity and originality;
  • Absence of emotional intelligence; and
  • Difficulty understanding the larger context.

Four Tips for Humanize AI Content

Humanizing AI content goes a long way toward solving some of the weaknesses associated with this type of content. How do you do it? Here are four tips that you can use to better humanize content written by artificial intelligence:

  • Use AI Content as a Draft (a Human Should Be Involved in Everything): The first step to humanize AI content is by integrating a human touch into every process. Treat AI-generated content as an initial draft rather than a final product. A human should review, revise, and refine the content to imbue it with an authentic voice and contextual understanding.
  • Make Sure that Content Has a Strong Voice and Clear Purpose: Voice matters. AI content must resonate with the audience. How can you actually achieve this using AI-related writing tools? To start, you need to develop a strong, consistent voice and a clear purpose.
  • Eliminate the Fluff (Beware of Repetitive and Overly Verbose Prose): Although AI can generate an enormous volume of content quickly, more is not always better. Quality is king. Cut through the noise by eliminating repetitive phrases, unnecessary jargon, and overly verbose prose. Streamline the content to make it concise, clear, and easy to understand.
  • Consider Developing Interactive Content: Interactive content can make the AI experience more engaging and human-like. Along with other things, interactive content may include videos, quizzes, polls, or interactive graphics.

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