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Bankruptcy Law Marketing

Marketing a bankruptcy practice takes skill and expertise. Clients in need of bankruptcy services are often hesitant to reach out to an attorney for various reasons. It’s very easy to focus on self-blame when our best financial pursuits and intentions fail, but that certainly isn’t helpful and is generally an inaccurate interpretation of the matter at hand. Modeling your website on your potential clients’ specific needs helps ensure that you relay your firm’s willingness to get to work on the administrative tasks of bankruptcy and helping them get a fresh financial start.

Setting the Tone

By the time clients begin looking up bankruptcy firms like yours, they have likely been on a journey that hasn’t ended particularly well. While many people consider bankruptcy a symbol of failure, it’s important to acknowledge and highlight the fact that bankruptcy is actually the first step to a brighter future. 


Finding Balance

As a bankruptcy attorney, your website must strike a fine balance. Bankruptcy is paperwork-heavy, and timing is generally critical. This often means that there’s less time for handholding and that more action is in order. Finding this balance can help you succinctly relay the digital message that you are able to take care of business even as you commiserate with the inherent loss involved. There are several factors that you’ll need to focus on to achieve this balancing act, and they include:

The Design

You don’t want your website’s design to get in the way of your message, but you do want a design scheme that reflects a cool, calm, and collected demeanor. Bankruptcy, after all, is business, but business is also personal (that fine balance again).

The Message

Bankruptcy is as complicated as it is highly specific. Your content should be bite-sized but meaty. Every bankruptcy is utterly unique to the circumstances and financials involved, but the facts of bankruptcy can be broken down into easily digestible basics that impart critical information to potential clients even as they inspire confidence in your legal fortitude.

The Mechanics

Let's face it, no matter how well-written and compelling your content is, if the delivery is clunky or otherwise frustrating, that content isn't going to reach its target audience. You're going for a clean, spare approach that is seamlessly intuitive, and as lofty as that sounds, a digital marketing specialist can help you get there.

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Bankruptcy is its own brand of law, and your website branding needs to be on point. The digital marketing stylings of the experts at Fuel Web Marketing are here to help you hone your online voice and meaningfully connect with potential clients in the process. Pour on a bit of accelerant by contacting or calling us today.