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If you work in family law and divorce law, you must take a very delicate approach with your clients. Divorce is a major transition that can leave those affected feeling especially vulnerable. Often, divorce clients haven't had any experience with the law before, and they are not only utterly confused by the legal process but are also living through a very disruptive phase in their lives. In other words, your clients need some extra attention in addition to all that expert legal counsel. 

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Connecting with Clients at a Difficult Time

If your business is family law, the content on your website should acknowledge that your potential clients are likely emotionally invested in the outcome of their cases. While striking a funereal stance is ill-advised, a serious approach that also expresses compassion is generally the best path forward. Knowing your audience is obviously critical. When you’re reaching out to potential divorce clients, establishing that you’re there to help them find their bearings in a safe, non-judgmental space while you also provide them with first-rate legal guidance is foundational.


The Nuts and Bolts of your Online Presence

You have a website, but if you're not convinced that it's working as hard for you as you work for your clients, then it probably isn't. Breaking down your website – and overall online presence – into parts can help you get a better grasp on the matter. These important parts include:


Your website’s design establishes the atmosphere you’re creating. It’s essential that you be the author of that atmosphere (you don’t want it to be a byproduct of a hodgepodge approach to website building). You’re intentionally creating an atmosphere – much like the one you create in your firm – that is inviting, informative, and intimidation-free. Divorce clients are on a difficult journey, and they’re looking for a lifeline in the form of a website with which they can meaningfully connect.


Your divorce clients are looking for cogent information about divorce. Divorce has a way of throwing one directly into a legal challenge with very little preamble, and it can rock your potential clients’ equilibrium from the outset. While every divorce is unique to its own set of circumstances, every divorce client is looking to better understand the divorce basics as they are likely to apply to his or her unique case. Providing this content in a clear, manageable, and intuitive manner helps you do justice to your potential clients’ needs and to your own legal services’ ability to meet those needs.

Navigating The Unknown

Most divorce clients are legal newbies, but they also tend to be just as tech-savvy as everyone else seems to be these days. Marrying the legal basics with state-of-the-art gracefully intuitive website navigation allows you to meet your clients in a world they know and are comfortable navigating.

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