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Elder Law Marketing

Elder law is an important branch of law, and it is only going to become more salient as the baby boomers get older. Older adults some of the most vulnerable among us, and when they’re rights aren’t upheld – or are, indeed, trampled – they need a law firm like yours that is ready, willing, and able to go to the mat for them. When it comes to older clients, there are obviously some special considerations that need to be incorporated. While many of your clients’ cases may be brought to you by younger family members, it’s important to remain focused on your actual clients and their unique needs. 

Streamlining Your Offerings

While it is by no means true across the board, it is safe to say that many of your older clients won't have the same level of tech-savvy that younger people possess. In other words, your method of online delivery requires even more careful attention. When you let your target audience be your guide, you'll find your way toward a website that not only pops but also resonates with your potential clients.


Finding Your Voice

Law firms that specialize in elder law have a very specific audience, and your online voice should speak directly to your market base. While the basics of solid website design naturally still apply, there are tweaks that you’ll want to consider, including:

» Older adults have considerable experience and hard-won wisdom, but this doesn't mean that they're entirely sure of their legal rights. Further, elder issues are often complicated issues that demand considerable investigative efforts. In other words, your potential clients may well be looking for acknowledgment and hope as much as they're looking for direct information. Let your clients' unique needs be your guide.

» Again, older clients often aren’t as comfortable navigating online, which makes your website’s navigability paramount. This is something you’re going to want to get right from the outset. An initial frustrating experience with your website can put up a permanent roadblock for further exploration. 

» When you’re writing for an older clientele, a more formal tone is almost always the best path forward. While there’s no reason to be stuffy, adopting a respectful, direct voice tends to strike the right note.

» Provide direct information in a clear format that is broken down into the most basic points. This is not only a good idea for law firms that serve older clients but also for nearly every other category of law firm. Regardless of your potential clients’ level of legal savvy, they’re unlikely in the mood for pedantic legal musings when they’re in the market for legal counsel. Provide your readers with pertinent, quality information that’s easy to access and digest, and you will be well on your way to fulfilling your business goals.

A Digital Marketing Expert Can Help You Get There

Elder law plays an increasingly important role in our society. Your firm’s online goals are unique, and the digital marketing experts at Fuel Web Marketing are here to help you better identify and reach those goals via authentic communication and outreach to your aging clientele. Get fired up by contacting or calling us today.