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Employment Law Firm Marketing

Employment law addresses a wide variety of legal issues related to employees and employers, and the outcome of your work often plays a very important role in your clients’ lives. As an employment law firm, you often need to connect with potential clients when they are in the midst of a very difficult situation and finding the right balance in your website and online marketing can be a challenge, but it’s worth the additional effort. A digital marketing specialist can help you find your voice and speak authentically to your target audience. 

Your Website 

Your employment law firm’s website should not be a clearinghouse where you post all the ideas that pop into your head and hope for the best. With your firm’s website, you should look to create an informative and easily navigable place for potential clients who need your services. 

If you work with both employers and employees, your site should convey that. Similarly, if your practice is more focused on representing plaintiffs, employer defense, or compliance, that should be clear as well. Many employees aren't aware of the full scope of their employment protections under the law and are looking for information. When your website is well-considered and well-executed, it can serve as a bridge toward justice for these visitors. After all, our careers play a critical role in our lives, and employment lawyers have an important job to perform.


Hitting Your Marks  

There is no one template for creating a perfect online presence. Your website should reflect your firm’s own unique philosophy and strengths, but there are some basic tenets that apply across the board, including:

» Address the issue of employees’ rights directly in a straightforward, informative tone. Content should be clear and easily accessible. Your potential clients are looking for specific information, and they shouldn’t have to dig for it. 

» Your site's design should be inviting without being overwhelming. Don't be afraid to express yourself through design, but it should be infrastructure – not the main event.

» Even the most basic website with the sparest design and rudimentary content can be of considerable value if maneuverability is organically seamless. The loftiest online efforts can be easily thwarted by issues with accessibility.

Ultimately, the elements of design, content, and accessibility are all critical, but they are not separate issues. When all three dovetail in a consumer-driven experience that is as intuitive to navigate as it is proactive and informative, your site will not only be in tune with but will also help elevate what your unique employment law firm has to offer.  

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Employment law is an important branch of the law that is also complicated and nuanced. In order to best protect your clients’ rights, you have to get up close and personal with those clients, and your website needs to foster a comfort level that makes this possible. The savvy digital marketing specialists at Fuel Web Marketing are here to help you push your boundaries and establish an online presence with the oomph to convert potential clients into actual clients who are in need of your specialized legal skills. Fuel your firm’s conversion rates by contacting or calling us today.