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Estate Planning Marketing

Marketing an estate planning firm differs in many ways from marketing firms practicing in other consumer-focused areas of law. Typically, estate planning clients are not in the midst of a crisis as are people looking for personal injury or criminal defense attorneys. That said, estate planning is critically important to adults across the nation, and each client’s needs are distinct. Each case you address is a world unto itself, and your connection with your clients is both very real and very direct. This means your online presence needs to successfully address the same brand of connection. 

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Speaking Directly to Your Target Audience

The fact is that, when it comes to estate planning, nearly anyone could be part of your target audience. It’s almost never too early for a family to begin considering such plans. Further, although many people think estate planning applies only to the wealthy and to those approaching their later years, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Your Website’s Additional Task

Your estate planning firm's website has the additional task of reaching potential clients who may not even be aware of their legal needs. While you'll also want to connect with those potential clients who are well aware of their estate planning needs, your site should actively reach out to the uninitiated among us. Estate planning has a lofty ring, but it really means planning for your family’s financial future, and that’s not a difficult sell. 

Speaking Their Language

Most potential clients seeking your services are in the market to make direct plans for their families' financial futures, and that can be empowering. In other words, this is one area of the law in which your clients likely aren't experiencing direct duress related to your legal expertise. This is, of course, not to say that estate planning is a stress-free endeavor. While planning for one's eventual demise certainly isn't fun, it is proactive, can be empowering, and is an important task that is a symbol of one's care and concern for their family. It's important to keep all of this in mind within the context of your website and to speak to your potential clients in a language they understand. You should make clear that estate planning is for everyone, not just the wealthy.

Refining Your Wares

You know that your services address the financial futures of a wide range of families – from those with modest incomes to the wealthiest among us. In fact, those families who are diligently working to amass modest wealth often have even more reason to be proactive in protecting their finances into the future (for the very reason that they tend to have less financial wiggle room). To connect with the broadest audience, consider the following:

  • Create content that applies across a broad range of financial circumstances. Financial planning is not a class-based endeavor, and you’ll likely want to steer clear of such an approach. 
  • Adopt a non-stuffy tone that imparts clear, informative legal basics that allows individual readers to apply the content to their own unique financial situations.

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