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Workers Compensation Marketing

If your firm’s focus is workers’ compensation, your clients are typically in a tough position. Not only have they been injured on the job, but they also are out of work while their medical expenses continue to mount. Further, many potential clients simply trust the workers’ comp insurer to carry through with its responsibility to adequately compensate them for their damages when you know this won’t necessarily happen.

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Addressing Your Clients 

Clients who have been injured on the job or who acquire an illness in relation to their work are often especially vulnerable, and reaching them directly is essential. Your workers’ compensation website has some fairly specific tasks at hand, including:

  • Communicating in a manner that speaks to potential clients who may be exploring the idea of needing a workers’ compensation attorney.
  • Providing clearly worded information that addresses the overall themes of workers’ compensation law.
  • Helping potential clients explore their legal options when they may be hesitant to move in a legal direction.

You know that workers’ compensation claims are complicated and that injured employees often need experienced legal counsel in order to obtain the compensation to which they are entitled. Your website’s goal is to help potential clients understand that obtaining this compensation is their right, is important to their financial futures, and is accessible. 


Your Online Presence 

Your website and other online offerings need to be tailored to your specific audience. While various types of employees can be involved in workers' compensation claims, the basic facts remain the same – the injured employee is facing lost hours on the job, a decreased earning potential, and mounting medical expenses. As such, your website should also encompass the following factors:

A Relaxed Tone

Workers’ compensation claimants may be among the most hesitant potential legal clients. Your goal is to help these clients better understand their options – and what they could stand to lose – by incorporating a relaxed tone that in no way resembles a hard sell.

Ease of Accessibility

The last thing you want to do is scare off potential clients with a website that is frustratingly complex or otherwise clunky. When that potential client can find pertinent information in the work of a few clicks, he or she becomes that much more likely to make that ever-important first call.

Compelling Content

Your potential clients are looking for information that is pertinent, and while every workers’ compensation case follows its own path, the building blocks remain the same. Helping that potential client better understand these building blocks can help him or her feel more comfortable moving forward with legal counsel.

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